23andMe+: An ongoing approach to your genetics – DNA Saturdays October 3, 2020

As I mentioned in last night’s post – Tomorrow’s DNA Saturdays Will Be Highlighting a New Option from 23andMe – October 2, 2020, I am focusing on 23andMe today. Here’s the article – 23andMe+: An ongoing approach to your genetics: https://blog.23andme.com/news/inside-23andme/23andmeplus/. My standard disclaimer about this is not medical advice applies. I also caution people about putting too much on the potential results as 23andMe often only looks at a small number of markers out of the known markers. A good case is BRCA mutations; there are over 1,000 known markers, but 23andMe only looks at a very small percentage of these markers.

October 1, 2020 By 23andMe under Inside 23andMe

Starting today, we are offering current 23andMe health service customers in the U.S. access to 23andMe+, a new annual membership. This membership provides customers with exclusive access to genetic reports, as well as new reports and features as they become available throughout the year. These additional benefits are on top of the initial set of genetic reports customers received when first purchasing their kit.

We’ve heard firsthand that customers want more ways to engage in their personal genetics journey. As science continually advances, we want to provide ongoing access to impactful new genetic health reports, and enhanced health and ancestry features.


Priced at $29 / year, 23andMe+ will offer existing customers instant access to 10+ exclusive reports and features, including:

Pharmacogenetics reports* — discover how your DNA may impact the way your body processes certain medications with three new Pharmacogenetics reports.

Includes a Medicine Cabinet feature — simply type in your medication’s name to see if it is included in your Pharmacogenetics reports.

Heart Health reports — learn how genetics may influence your likelihood of developing certain heart-related conditions like high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation.

Migraine report (powered by 23andMe Research) — see if your genetics can increase your likelihood of experiencing migraine headaches and how to avoid certain triggers.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea report (powered by 23andMe Research) — learn if you have a greater chance of developing the condition based on your genetics and, if so, how you can take action.

Enhanced Ancestry features — advanced filtering of DNA relatives and access to up to 3,500 more DNA relatives.

Ongoing new reports and features — get even more personalized genetic reports and more actionable insights throughout the calendar year.

Existing Health + Ancestry Service customers on our v5 chip can join 23andMe+ by visiting https://you.23andme.com/subscription/. In the coming months, new customers will be able to join 23andMe+ when they purchase our health service. With more genetic reports, more health insights, and more features, we hope 23andMe+ gives individuals the choice to help them discover even more about themselves. Health is in our DNA.



A couple of key points. First, you need to have tested with the v5 chip and purchased or upgraded to the Ancestry+Health test. I don’t qualify as I tested with v3 chip and no longer get updates to new Health reports. I plan on purchasing the v5 Ancestry+Health test later. The yearly price for updates is only $29/year. That’s much cheaper than some of the other DNA companies that offer Health subscriptions. When they move to a new chip, you may have to upgrade to it.

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