Discover and celebrate Black heritage with brand new records – FindMyPast Fridays October 2, 2020

I checked last night and saw it posted. It usually shows up Thursday or Friday at shortened it a bit as the new editor is being more a pain than the old editor.

Here’s the direct link – A range of diverse new record collections join the site this Findmypast Friday.

Niall Cullen 02 October 2020

A range of diverse new record collections join the site this Findmypast Friday.

Our latest record releases highlight lesser-known facets of British history, important family events in the Caribbean, and much more. Here’s what’s new this week on Findmypast.

Listing destitute Londoners, this small but intriguing collection provides a glimpse into a largely forgotten part of Black British history.

The Committee for the Relief of the Black Poor was formed in 1786 by a group of London’s most influential figures to offer support to its poorest Black communities. The movement was soon formalized by the British government who sought a different approach for dealing with the increasing number of Black poor on the streets, leading to the Sierra Leone Resettlement Scheme…

Sierra Leone Resettlement Scheme, 1787

In 1787, the British government ran a program that saw mostly Black settlers emigrate from England to Sierra Leone. Now, you can explore their revealing passenger lists on Findmypast.

Perhaps surprisingly for the time, the passenger lists include evidence of over 80 interracial marriages.


Over 19,000 additional burials from three Devon cemeteries are now online.


Use the detailed records to find out where and when your Devon ancestors were laid to rest. And make even more discoveries in our extensive collection of Devon family records.

Once again, we’ve been busy growing our newspaper collection with over 95,000 new pages from three brand new titles and updates to 15 others.


If this week’s new releases (or any of our records and resources) have helped you piece together the bigger picture of your past, we’d love to hear about it. Drop us a line using #FindmypastFeatured on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share your discoveries.


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