Rest in Peace Corporal Ed Bearrs, USMC and Chief Historian of the National Parks Service – 1923 – 2020

When I was looking at Find-A-Grave last night, I checked out the Famous section by most recent additions. I noticed that Ed Bearrs was listed. I met Ed Bearrs one time. In fact, he has an indirect connection to this blog. If you ever noticed the photo with the orange sky, it was taken shortly before I met Ed. The meeting was interesting as that day many areas of Wichita were without power although the pockets were in clumps. I took the photo just before walking into hear Ed’s presentation. Imagine my surprise upon entering the building – no power.

Ed Bearrs was featured on Ken Burns Civil War Series. Definitely worth listening to as he was a very eloquent speaker. Here is a background article on Ed’s life; other links below –; an obituary for him on Legacy.com He was Chief Historian of the National Park Services.

Here’s the Wikipedia article on Ed: Ed was doing a presentation on the Vicksburg campaign during the Civil War. The only light was from a handful of candles scattered around the room. He was a trooper. He had done this presentation so many times he did it from memory. He had a beautiful PowerPoint, but with no power, we couldn’t see it. He did have some handouts available from the PowerPoint. During World War II, he joined the Marine Corps and served in the Pacific Theater. He was injured in his last battle (see Wikipedia link above) and was sent stateside to heal.

He wrote a lot of articles and books on the Civil War and World War II. Here’s the IMDB link:

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8 Responses to Rest in Peace Corporal Ed Bearrs, USMC and Chief Historian of the National Parks Service – 1923 – 2020

  1. GP Cox says:

    Thank you, I will put Mr. Bearrs in the Farewell Salutes on my next post. May he forever rest in peace.

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    I need to watch Ken Burn’s series again as I don’t remember him…but Shelly Foote I remember

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