COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories – September 24, 2020

Standard Disclaimer:

I am not a medical health professional and any comments I post are not intended, nor should they be construed, as medical advice. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 (where applicable) or contact proper emergency service personnel.

I thought the pro/anti mask Conspiracy Theories were bad. I choose to wear a mask although the county and city make exceptions for hearing impaired individuals like myself. If a mask is worn correctly, then it reduces your risk of getting or spreading COVID-19. If worn incorrectly by not covering your nose, then it is much less effective. I see a fair number of people not covering their nose. If you have a medical issue where wearing a mask is an issue, then you may be able to avoid wearing a mask. However, there tend to be restrictions on those exceptions in some places.

The latest Conspiracy Theory I heard recently was the silliest. This may cost me some Readers or Followers, but it needs to be said. In this case, this intelligent person made the strangest case about why the 200,000 COVID-19 cases in the U. S. were wrongly blamed on COVID-19. Instead, he blamed most of these deaths on 90+ year olds dying of old age. First, old age doesn’t kill you. It’s complications of old age that kills you. Next, if you have COVID-19, then it generally contributed to your death regardless of your age, usually by how it attacks your body.

In checking the percentages of COVID-19 deaths that were in the 90+ range, I only found 85+ year olds and older. The ranges for the number of deaths in this age range varied by source, anywhere from 10.4% to 31.30% percent of total U. S. COVID-19 deaths. That’s a far cry from this individual’s claim of most being that old. I have seen numerous claims on both sides of the political spectrum when it comes to COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories. There tends to be a small bit of truth in any Conspiracy Theory, but it tends to be taken to extremes.

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