Trustworthy – September 23, 2020

In addition to my last post, Outline: A Godly Leader is Trustworthy — The Domain for Truth, original post – Outline: A Godly Leader is Trustworthy — The Domain for Truth, I thought I would share my experiences with being trustworthy.

In addition to what I will add below, I believe the Lord is more than able to meet our needs if we let Him. Sometimes we won’t get what we want because we don’t ask. Or, we don’t ask if it is His will.

Dad was big on seeing not only by his actions, but also his words, that we learned why being trustworthy was so important. As a self-employed carpenter with limited means, he proved to the hardware stores and paint stores in the area, he was trustworthy. The owners of those businesses knew Dad would pay them even if he wasn’t paid by the customer. Dad charged what the customer could afford to pay, not necessarily what his work was worth. He was an excellent carpenter, but he cared more about being able to help out those who couldn’t afford his services than he did about the money.

Dad was also big on any job worth doing right was worth doing right the first time. That stuck with me and I try to follow this as closely as I can. I am human and therefore will make mistakes.

Another key point was your word was your bond. Only give it out when it’s something you can keep. For example, he wouldn’t give his word if it involved relying on a third person to keep their word. He would sometimes make it clear that other circumstances could impact his ability to deliver. If he was waiting on a paint order from a store, he would let a customer know that could affect his ability to do his job. He tended to set longer deadlines as a safety margin to reduce the risk of being caught without supplies that took longer than expected to arrive.

Dad set reasonable timelines. If a project came under budget, he would pass the savings onto the customer.

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