FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) MyOrigins Version 3 Coming Soon – September 22, 2020

I saw this announcement posted by Roberta Estes on her DNA-Explained blog When I checked today, it shows my results should be updated in 3 – 4 weeks. As a warning, below the continental level, don’t rely too heavily on any company’s ethnicity results. It looks like they updated my results to version 3 already. For those who haven’t signed in lately, FTDNA is doing it in waves. The last to be updated will be those who haven’t signed into FTDNA, not counting GAP only sign-ins, in a year or longer.

Here are the results for comparison:Ignore Ethnic Results Below the Continental Level. See below since the Quote block didn’t work very well this time. Starting with #1 compared to #23 and #24.

#1 (FamilyTree DNA aka FTDNA – in my case, I found its ethnicity results to be more in line than the other companies for me, but most people tend to go with 23andMe or AncestryDNA):

African 0%

South Central Africa 0%

East Central Africa 0%

West Africa 0%

New World 0%

North and Central America 0%

South America< 1%

Central/South Asian 0%

Central Asia 0%

Oceania < 1%

South Central Asia 0%

East Asian 0%

Northeast Asia 0%

Siberia 0%

Southeast Asia 0%

Middle Eastern 0%

Asia Minor < 2%

East Middle East 0%

North Africa 0%

West Middle East 0%

European 97%

British Isles 59%

East Europe 9%

Finland < 1%

Scandinavia 0%

Southeast Europe 4%

Iberia 0%

West and Central Europe 25%

Jewish Diaspora 0%

Ashkenazi 0%

Sephardic 0%  

#23 version 2 FTDNA

  1. Continent,Population,Percentage
  2. European,British Isles, 59
  3. European,West and Central Europe, 25
  4. European,East Europe, 9
  5. European,Southeast Europe, 4
  6. Trace Results,Finland, <1
  7. Trace Results,Oceania, <1
  8. Trace Results,South America, <1
  9. Trace Results,Asia Minor, <2

#24 FTDNA version 3 results:

Europe 100%

Western Europe

Great Britain 86%

Southern Europe

Greece & Balkans 6%

Basque 3%


Baltic 5%


Finland info <1%

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