Genealogy Basics Chapter Five: Digitizing and Storing Photos and Documents – MyHeritage September 17, 2020

I saw this last night on MyHeritage – Genealogy Basics Chapter Five: Digitizing and Storing Photos and Documents: Chose to show a fair portion. I think it is important to also check the back as sometimes you will miss information if you don’t.

I haven’t figured out an easy way to get lists to show in quote blocks. Mine always show up outside the quote block.

by Talya · September 17, 2020  · Genealogy Basics

Welcome back to our Genealogy Basics series! In Chapter Four, we discussed what you can learn by examining old family photos carefully. In today’s post, we’ll talk about how to digitize and store your photos and documents.

Scanning and digitizing your documents is not just an easy way to preserve them for yourself and for future generations. It also makes it easier to organize, browse, and share files with other family members — and it means you can take advantage of online tools like MyHeritage In Color™ and the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer, which bring your old family photos to life with advanced colorization and photo enhancement technology. The Photo Enhancer brings blurry faces into sharp focus, bringing out details you may not have noticed otherwise, and it might even improve the clarity and readability of scanned documents.

How to digitize your photos

The gold standard of digitization is a high-quality scanner. However, these days, it’s easiest to simply use your smartphone or tablet. Most mobile devices are equipped with high-quality cameras that capture sharp, high-resolution images. MyHeritage’s mobile app has a built-in scanner that produces excellent-quality scans using your device’s camera — and saves the images directly to the relevant profile on your MyHeritage family tree. The app includes filters that enhance the image, sometimes even making documents more legible or photographs more vivid. You can learn more about how to use the MyHeritage mobile app scanner here.

Best practices for digitization

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