My Take on the Verizon Takeover of TracFone – September 15, 2020

Per my post last night – Verizon’s Acquisition Of Tracfone Could Be Devasting To The Prepaid Wireless Market — BestMVNO, I decided to give my take on Verizon purchasing TracFone. There’s always the possibility the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will do something like it did before approving the Sprint purchase by T-Mobile. In that case, T-Mobile had to sell off Boost Mobile from Sprint to get permission to buy the rest of Sprint

I have a TracFone number. It’s a Pay As You Go (PAYGO) plan. When checking my account, I don’t know if my current TracFone account is a Verizon account or not. It doesn’t sound like I have to be concerned until the second half of 2021. Worst case scenario is I port out my number to another PAYGO provider or possibly a cheap plan with either an MVNO or cell phone company. In that case, I would need a new phone if my phone isn’t compatible with the new company. If it is a Verizon number, then I expect Verizon will increase my costs. If it’s one of the other cell phone companies, then I think the FCC may require Verizon to sell off those not using Verizon to another cell phone or MVNO provider.

In addition, I noticed there is a TracFone Rewards option. It’s free and I was able to sign up for it with my TracFone PAYGO phone. I have a few people who won’t call me on my Tello phone which is why I have kept the TracFone number. The amount of times they call me is very limited and it barely impacts my limited amount of talk minutes. I have a little bit over 3,300 talk minutes. The current expiration date is early April 2021. I started with TracFone back in early 2013 and loved how they used to triple Talk, Text, Data (TTD) for a long time. I lost that benefit last year, but I used HSN to purchase a combined year extension to my expiration date and gained a lot of TTD as well as a new phone for a lot less than it cost if I wanted to add a year extension to my expiration date without a new phone.

Plus, I am now able to extend the expiration date on unused TTD by buying a new phone on HSN. It appears QVC also offers similar deals on combined TTD and new TracFone phones as well.

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