Historical U.S. Counties Auto-Checker Chrome Extension – Randy Majors September 15, 2020

I saw this earlier today on Randy Majors website – https://www.randymajors.com/  – Historical U.S. Counties Auto-Checker: You will need to install the extension in a Chrome browser.  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/historical-us-counties-au/phafnnacanbkdnkemiomjpaamomdgjhm.

I have previously mentioned tools on his website: Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place & Stay-at-Home Orders on Google Maps – Randy Majors and Randy Majors Mapping Web Site Update September 3, 2019

There is one extension version, but there are two options with the extension. If you go with free, you will get ads. If you become a monthly paying contributor, the ads go away. If you read this article on Randy’s blog – https://www.randymajors.com/2019/12/enjoy-ad-free-full-screen-map-tools.html. Any monthly dollar amount gets the ad-free option. Note: you can do a one-time contribution, but you won’t get the ad-free option. You can use several payment options using the Contribute here link. It gives a suggested amount based on number of tools you use, but it’s up to you on how many you decide to contribute.

Here’s how the ad-free version works:

1. You decide how much you want to contribute as part of an automatic monthly subscription.  ALL DOLLAR AMOUNTS give you access to ALL map and search tools; the dollar amounts shown below are suggestions based on how many tools you use.

2. You get access to ad-free fullscreen versions of ALL map and search tools for any dollar amount you contribute

3. NEW!  The recurring monthly contribution can be set up using ANY MAJOR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD or you can use your PayPal account.  You can cancel your contribution at any time and go back to using the free map and search tools supported by advertising. 


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