How Will The President Harding DNA Court Case Turn Out? – September 14, 2020

Here’s the article – Warren Harding: Grandson of former US president asks to exhume his remains: The article is about 478 words long. I am curious as to how the courts will rule on this case. Since there has been acknowledgement by relatives and the non-profit organization the DNA was accepted, I don’t know why he is pursuing this case.

I remember reading a genealogy blogger years ago wanted to DNA test their deceased father. It wasn’t because she doubted he was her father, but she wanted his DNA for another reason. She dropped it as the cost of getting him exhumed would have been $20,000, not counting the added costs of taking it to court, paying a DNA company to test the DNA, and the iffiness of getting enough viable DNA from him. That’s assuming the court would approve the exhumation in the first place. DNA tends to degrade after you die.

This case is a bit different as the non-profit and some family have acknowledged the DNA proof submitted by the grandson and the new museum is planning on adding his mother and grandmother to the museum.

There is an attempt by another branch of the family to contest the exhumation and DNA testing. I think they make a valid point.

“Sadly, widespread, public recognition and acceptance by the descendants, historians and biographers (and Mr Blaesing himself) that Mr Blaesing is President Harding’s grandson is not enough for him,” relatives said in a court filing.

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