AncestryDNA Finally Updated My Ethnicity Results – September 12, 2020

I don’t know when it updated as I received no e-mail notice. I know the last time I checked late last week or early this week, the ethnicity was the same as it has been since the last update. When I checked the Ancestry blog today, I saw the update announcement dated yesterday. I updated my old post from January 2018, and probably should post a new post – http://ignore-ethnic-results-below-the-continental-level. I included the earlier updates once I started tracking them in January 2018. My last update from AncestryDNA was #18 below on November 18, 2019

Current update as of today:

  1. England & Northwestern Europe 56% – down from 70% last update
  2. Scotland 31% – new as it wasn’t in the oldest list
  3. France 5% – was 2% from 2 updates ago, but replaced by Norway in last update
  4. Wales 4% – new as it wasn’t in the old list
  5. Germanic Europe 2% – down from 9% last update
  6. Norway 2% – no change from last update

Here’s the history of old updates; I took the test back in April 2013, but didn’t track the percentages until January 2018:

#4 (Ancestry DNA, pre-2018 ethnicity update) Ethnicity Estimate
Europe West 31%
Scandinavia 26%
Great Britain 15%
Iberian Peninsula 13%
Ireland/Scotland/Wales 10%
Europe South 3%
Europe East < 1%
Caucasus < 1%

compared to

#17 (AncestryDNA; September 2018 ethnicity update):   England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 48% Increased by 33%   Germanic Europe 30%     Refined from: Europe West 31%   Ireland and Scotland 16% Increased by 6%   Sweden 4%     Refined from: Scandinavia 26%   France 2%     Refined from: Europe West 31%

Migrations Eastern North Carolina Settlers North Carolina, Virginia Coast & Maryland Coast Settlers Mississippi & Louisiana Settlers South Mississippi & Alabama Gulf Coast Settlers  

No Longer in Estimate

Iberian Peninsula 13%

Europe South 3%

Europe East <1%

Caucasus <1%

compared to

AncestryDNA update April 2019: Ethnicity Estimate
England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 48%
Germanic Europe 30%
Ireland & Scotland 16%
Sweden 4%
France 2%

compared to

#18 AncestryDNA update November 18, 2019

Ethnicity Estimate
England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 70%
up from 48% back in April 2019
Germanic Europe 9%
down from 30% back in April 2019
Ireland & Scotland 15%
down 1% from back in April 2019
Sweden 4%
No change
Norway 2%
Switched from 2% France to 2% Norway back in April 2019

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