Follow-up on Something to Ponder – You Can Only Control Your Emotions Unless You Unwisely Give that Power to Others – September 11, 2020

Something I forgot to add to my post Something to Ponder – You Can Only Control Your Emotions Unless You Unwisely Give that Power to Others – June 12, 2020 was how I reached this conclusion. Back in early 1989, I was talking to someone and I made the comment “This person made me mad.” Her response was “No, they didn’t.” I don’t remember who the person was, but I remember this conversation. Her point was I chose to get mad at what they said. We spent 30 minutes talking without agreeing. However, she was so adamant about her position that I spent a long while thinking about her statement.

End result was I finally realized she was right. I chose to get mad at what the person said. At some point, I went with the point in the earlier post linked above. Are there people who love to push your buttons just to irritate you? I gave an example of a friend who will one day be surprised we are no longer friends. He loves to push buttons. He knows he shouldn’t do it, but he gets some perverse pleasure out of doing so. I have buttons I could push with him, but as soon as I learn something is a button with him, I tend to put it off the table. That doesn’t mean I don’t call him out when he tries pushing my buttons.

Sadly, one day, he’s going to push his wife’s last button or one or more of his children’s last buttons and find out the true cost of pushing buttons. He’s a fairly smart guy, but he thinks being facetious is more important with others than respecting boundaries. His children aren’t old enough to understand  the concept of being facetious.

His wife doesn’t appreciate it when he does it to her. I pointed out one day she may snap and I hope I am not around when she does. She’s one of those quiet types that tend to snap once you push them hard enough. He doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that he keeps pushing her buttons.

Family, especially close family, and friends can often figure out how to push your buttons. I have cut friends out of my life because they enjoyed trying to push my buttons. Most of my family doesn’t push my buttons intentionally. Likewise, I try not to push their buttons. Same goes for friends.



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