In Memory of Family and Friends Lost to Suicide – September 10, 2020

NOTE: If you or a loved one is feeling suicidal, please get help.

As a follow-up to, I thought I would give my experience with suicide in terms of lost family and friends that died as a result of suicide. I won’t mention them by name, but I do keep their memories alive as I think about them. In a few cases, they aren’t listed as suicide on a death certificate because of the method wasn’t a traditional method.

The saddest thing were the ones who appeared to put up a brave front like they weren’t at risk for suicide. I worked for several mental health agencies. In those cases, I was a mandatory reporter when someone mentioned being or feeling suicidal. It didn’t matter if I thought they were joking or not. It never happened where a client brought up the issue of suicide while I was at the agencies. They may have talked about past suicide attempts.

I recall an old medical TV show where a friend took someone to the ER and mentioned the person was known for using suicide as a means to get attention. In this case, the patient had started a new medicine and while her goal wasn’t to kill herself, the new medicine she hadn’t studied enough and it led to her death.

At the risk of offending some readers, there are several types of suicide attempts:

  1. Those seriously trying to kill themselves
  2. Those seeking attention and this applies to both men and women
  3. Those who seek attention, but wind up killing themselves
  4. Accidental suicides – those who weren’t attempting suicide, but were practicing risky behaviors
  5. Murders made to look like suicide
  6. Other cases that don’t fit into the above categories

You can’t always tell if a suicide was intentional or not. I have family and friends who try stupid things, like talking or texting on cell phones while driving, and one day they may wind up dying or killing someone else for such reckless behavior. Having worked in the mental health field, sometimes people don’t read the risks or follow instructions for taking medicine. There’s a well-known Over The Counter (OTC) medicine you can buy that says take with food. Yet, many people don’t read the instructions. The reason to take this medicine with food is because on an empty stomach, it can damage one or more organs. I am not giving the name of the medicine as the goal isn’t to encourage suicide, but to make people aware to avoid problems.

Same thing with food. There are some food combinations that taken with the wrong medicine are potentially lethal. In other cases, using some food types with certain medicines makes the medicine more or less effective. For example, some antibiotics shouldn’t be taken with milk because the milk reduces the effect of the antibiotic or makes it ineffective.

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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    My condolences for the lost you experienced

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