Arlington National Cemetery Reopens to the Public for Gravesite Visitation Only – Arlington National Cemetery – September 8, 2020

I initially did this post with the link to the Stars and Stripes article, but it is a pay site and while I saw it there first, the article is COVID-19 related and free for now on their website, I chose to link to the Arlington website article as it’s no charge. Here’s the article on Arlington’s website – Arlington National Cemetery Reopens to the Public for Gravesite Visitation Only: There are additional instructions on Arlington‘s website. Worth noting this point

 ANC would like to kindly remind visitors that entering the cemetery through unofficial access points is considered trespassing, which is a federal offense.

If you are a family pass holder, you can visit your loved one’s grave until 5 P. M. However, that doesn’t mean you can go wandering around other parts of the cemetery after the Cemetery closes at Noon.

Beginning September 9 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

ARLINGTON, VA – Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) announces a limited reopening to visitors on Wednesday, September 9 to allow gravesite visitations to our veterans and families laid to rest in these hallowed grounds.

ANC will open to the public from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Face coverings will be mandatory to wear while on cemetery grounds and social distancing is expected. Several places of interest will remain closed to ensure health protection conditions. These sites include the John F. Kennedy gravesite, Memorial Amphitheater and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Karen Durham-Aguilera, Executive Director, Office of Army National Cemeteries and Arlington National Cemetery, states, “As conditions in the National Capital Region have continued to improve, our goal is to provide increased access for the public to visit a loved one’s gravesite. We hope this limited reopening will better accommodate our visitors.”


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11 Responses to Arlington National Cemetery Reopens to the Public for Gravesite Visitation Only – Arlington National Cemetery – September 8, 2020

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Glad it reopened

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    • If you have family there, you show up, let them know and they will let you visit them outside the limited hours it’s open.

      Looks like they cancelled the Wreaths Across America ceremony that was scheduled for next month.

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      • SLIMJIM says:

        Seems the country is going to go through another lockdown

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      • See the California governor didn’t adhere to his rules recently. I think a lockdown won’t help as an article I read made it sound like it was family gatherings that are a bigger problem. I have friends who had COVID-19 and they are planning on traveling for Christmas to visit their parents and they offered to take me with them if I can get a ride from a family member who would have to drive 150 miles to pick up. I am not comfortable doing that.

        I am sure the family gatherings with both sets of parents and step-parents aren’t going to follow social distancing or wearing masks. I did a post about avoiding family gatherings who don’t live with you. Canada celebrated Thanksgiving last month and most families had large gatherings which resulted in a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases. I can see the same thing happening here when people celebrate Thanksgiving. Same for Christmas.

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      • SLIMJIM says:

        Wow if it increase in Canada it will increase here in the US…

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      • Sadly, people aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously, not just here, but around the world. I am not a fan of strict lockdowns, but keeping crowds to a reasonable level based on square footage is a good start. I don’t want to see us break 2,000 new cases a day in many places, but I think we will if people don’t wake up.

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      • SLIMJIM says:

        2000 new cases is like my county…though it averages 1 K daily usually I believe

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      • Looks like 787 in my county since Monday. It’s gone up by 4.28% since Monday. We are the second largest county in the state by population with one of the Kansas City counties being the largest.

        The governor announced a new mandate starting on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It only has meaning if a county doesn’t implement something before then or overrides it after the governor implements it. Think only about 1/4 of the Kansas counties have something in place right now. The counties can enforce stronger measures than what she recommends.

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      • SLIMJIM says:

        Wow that’s higher than I thought for Kansas

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      • That’s just my county. I know yesterday’s Kansas total was 971 new cases which is down from 2,844 daily cases from the past week.

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      • SLIMJIM says:

        Wow I mispoke my county is at 11 K new cases yesterday

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