New WordPress Quirk – September 4, 2020

This is about the Quote Block. It worked reasonably well for the most part. In the last couple of days, it has become useless. I choose new block and go with Quote Block. It pops up and I start typing in the Quote Block. When I hit return, the block is not in quote format.

A partial workaround was to copy a post that had a working Quote Block. I would paste the quote I wanted in place of the original quote. Tonight, it wasn’t letting me do that. As soon as I went to a new line, the block reverted to Paragraph Block. I spent a lot of time trying to get around the issue.

It’s a pain as the Quote Block worked much of the time although it frequently reverted to Paragraph Block when I started a new block.

I even tried the WP-Admin post section switching to the old Classic Editor, and it reverted to Paragraph Block as soon as I went to a new line. This was on my laptop. Haven’t tried it on my phones yet as trying to copy text is difficult enough.

I did a quick test on my Tello phone and it let me create a Quote Block. I scheduled it for late tomorrow and will check it in the morning to see if it will let me switch out text with the quoted text I want to use.

To me, this is not an improvement. I know some love the new block system, but when I spent a lot of time trying to get it do what it should let me do and it won’t, that’s a fail in my book.

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9 Responses to New WordPress Quirk – September 4, 2020

  1. odell01 says:

    Howdy. I tried reading your Quote Block problem given the circumstances of not being able to include a quote, much as it doesn’t automatically present a solution when encountering the problem. For me, it is an interesting read, because you are charmingly brief, and it lends itself to the feel of interpreting a rule, like in trying to interpret, say, a Pathfinder RPG block of rules, with the only explanation to go on being the context of the game.

    Common sense, without going too far off track, says that a fellow Dungeon Master would help teach you how, rather than trying to learn it by only reading it from the rulebook. In the case of the Quote Block on WordPress, I understand that you are trying to present a quote for your reader, and I have done that myself. I know the demoralization that you can’t get an appropriate introduction for your quote in the post you’re taking a shot at.

    I wish I had better guidance for you, but I would face that problem by saving your post and logging out of WordPress. You could log back into your blog, to return to the draft of the post, and give it a second go when it comes to including the Quote Block.

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    • I appreciate your suggestions. I think it’s a glitch where if some arcane formula isn’t followed correctly, the quote won’t appear correctly. I haven’t figured out the formula yet, but if I do, I will post it.

      Logging out doesn’t help. I have to run CCleaner several times a day as Firefox becomes a resource hog, probably not helped by me having 20-40 browser windows opened. When I close down FIrefox, I have it set to clear cookies and cache which means I have to log back into everything.

      It’s more aggravating because sometimes I can do a copy post that has a Quote and replace it with the new quote. Last night was the first time it wouldn’t let me do it with this one quote. It let me do a brie quote on my phone so I tried that post and it didn’t work. I found one of the earlier quote posts from yesterday and it worked.

      The problem is it’s hit or miss. Sometimes it’s not a problem, but other times it is when doing a copy post. For fun, I started a new post today and the Quote Block worked. I am not an IT person, but I think it’s something behind the scenes causing it to sometimes fail. Last night and the wee hours of this morning, nothing worked to have a post show with quoted text.

      For my earlier quoted posts from yesterday, those went fine until the one that I was trying to get working. In Preview, it shows correctly. In an hour, I will know once it goes live.


  2. SCLMRose says:

    I hate the new block system. I want the old classic editor. I agree that this is not an improvement. I don’t even know where to find the category section so after spending too much time looking for it, I decided not to put one in. “When it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

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  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Sometimes I wish WordPress would have the mind set that if it isn’t broke don’t fix it…

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    • I agree. Something weird happened today. Most of the time my views are somewhere between 39 and low to mid 100s. Today I spiked to over 1,200 and it’s still climbing. I know earlier it was somewhere in the 70-80 range. My earlier record last year was 500 and something. Going to be interesting to see if this was some WordPress glitch or if it was something else. Many days I don’t get people from 10 countries and territories. Today it’s 71. Wonder if some Happiness Engineer saw my last post about surprises and decided to give me a good surprise. Over 1,000 visitors, about 40% from India.

      I am thankful the Lord blessed me with this good surprise today. I have been praying about moving to a state with warmer winters. It can only happen if the Lord provides a way as my finances are thin. When I pray, I ask for guidance – stay here or move.

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