TheMilitaryStandard Website – September 3, 2020

NOTE: Just to be clear these are abandoned missile silos or missile museums. None of the sites I have seen include the location of active missile silos. As I noted below the sites are either under federal ownership or have been sold to individuals or companies. You need permission to visit. In many cases, you won’t get permission as it’s too dangerous to explore them. There’s a silo in Colorado that has been sealed off as it’s too dangerous to explore. I have seen cases of people being injured and almost dying. Death Wears Bunny Slippters (DWBS) and his crew when he entered the upper level of the Launch Facility of the Titan II site he purchased almost died as they hadn’t taken precautions to check for dangerous things like Carbon Monoxide, etc. Turns out the level was full of methane gas. Had someone not realized something was wrong, they would have all died or suffered serious health issues. Plus your cell phones may not work if you are deep enough inside a silo.

Some of the abandoned silos have been turned into homes, diving tanks for those with scuba experience. A couple have been turned into prepper refuges. A few have been turned into museums. Back in the early days, you could buy an abandoned missile silo for $40,000, but the current price is probably a minimum of $300K for a site that hasn’t been developed to $3.2 million if you want to purchase a well-developed site like the Atlas E in central Kansas.

I became familiar with the site under its old name which is listed on the home page: The website started as a personal site, but has turned into a military site. It includes links he created for Missiles Sites, Air Force Bases, Army Bases, Naval Bases, Radar Stations,and other military related stuff. While he has not added much since 2010, he has updated the site and added the new URL.

He has a good listing of the location of the abandoned missile silos – Atlas, Titan as well as some of the locations for the Nike and some of the other related missile sites. He has location maps for the Atlas and Titan missile sites.

Be warned that the old abandoned sites fall into one of two categories – still owned by the federal government and those sold to private individuals or companies. In both cases, I wouldn’t go urban exploring on any of these locations without getting permission from the owner. I know one blogger who will take photos from the road to avoid trespassing issues if he can’t contact the owner or get permission to access the property.

In Kansas, there are Atlas E and Atlas F missile silos – both were left intact. The 18 Titan II sites around Wichita were imploded per treaty requirements. To un-implode a Titan II site can be done, but it can take years to get it approved and the cost to do so is pretty high. That doesn’t include the cost of digging out the silo. For example, I know of two Titan II sites in Arkansas that are being dug out. One is on the Death Wears Bunny Slippers YouTube channel – Death Wears Bunny Slippers YouTube Channel And Links for Old Missile Silos. The other one posts updates somewhere, but doesn’t mention where it’s located. As 18 of the Titan II sites have been listed and only a couple have signs of recent activity and the Death Wears Bunny Slippers site has been identified, that only leaves a couple of possibilities. I lost track of where the other Arkansas Titan II site was providing information.

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8 Responses to TheMilitaryStandard Website – September 3, 2020

  1. GP Cox says:

    Do you think, with all the unrest we have today, that we advertise where the missile silos, etc. are? It almost sounds like he wants these places to be a target.


    • These are abandoned missile silos or missile silo museums. I don’t think any of the websites that list missile silos include the location of active silos.

      The downside is several of these old silos have given enough clues as to where they are to make them easily findable. I remember an Atlas F silo in Kansas that’s now a prepper silo. The owners included an old sign with the name of the missile silo. Plus, they gave an interview to the local TV station. Either one of those was more than enough to figure out where it’s at.

      I wouldn’t turn it into a prepper site, but there’s at least one other Kansas old silo that was purchased for the same reason. With the Atlas silos, they weren’t imploded, but they have so much work and removal of cancer-causing stuff left behind that would cost a small fortune to deal with.

      The Titan II silos were imploded. There are 18 around Wichita. Just to dig up the Launch Facility and make it habitable would be a major cost. DWBS was interviewed and he spent over $500,000 and about 10 years just to dig up the Launch Facility. He hasn’t even started on the silo itself. The silo was filled up with whatever debris they could pile in it.

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      • GP Cox says:

        Thank you for ll the info.

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      • This is weird. I don’t see your comment on the Notifications bell, but I saw it in my e-mail and I see in the Pending Comments section.

        You are welcome. I am pretty sure if I or anyone else posted something that crossed the line into revealing something that was a violation of national security, the person would get a visit from Men In Black, the post would disappear, possibly followed by the person who posted it. It has given me a thought about urban exploring and I want to thank you for the inspiration. There was an Atlas base in Kansas that was abandoned. One of the later owners turned it into one of the world’s largest LSD labs. There was a falling out in the group and one of them turned the others into. I know urban explorers love to ignore trespassing warnings, but I also know some who have disappeared in the process. The preppers tend to be territorial and don’t like visitors snooping around. Another Kansas silo is a prepper silo and they have armed guards protecting it.

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      • GP Cox says:

        These days I think the men in black are hampered by the fact that everything offends somebody somewhere at some point and time.

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      • True, but I am sure that me revealing some top secret base that I didn’t know was top secret would put me at the top of their list.

        I remember when people were planning to swarm the secret base this year in Nevada. Turned out it didn’t happen, but given how few roads there were to the area and how few gas stations nearby, it would be pretty easy to limit access.

        When my brother was in the MPs in Germany on one of the bases, he was given a kill line, anyone on the wrong side of the kill, his orders were to kill them. Thankfully, he never had to carry out the orders.

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