Newest Bundle of Holding Jovian Chronicles Revived Bundle – August 31, 2020

Updated September 14, 2020 – will post link when it goes live. Additional items now available for free that were added in an e-mail sent today.

Updated September 7, 2020: Bundle of Holding added two new titles since this post was published. If you purchased the earlier bundle or the newer bundle, the new titles have been added free to your account. Here’s the updated list from the September 7th post: Newest Bundle of Holding Fudge Bundle – September 7, 2020

I received this e-mail from Bundle of Holding today – Jovian Chronicles Revived Bundle. It’s a Science Fiction Role-Playing Game (RPG). It’s a game I haven’t played, but here’s the Wikipedia article on the game:

Through MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 the resurrected March 2018 Jovian Chronicles Bundle once again brings you exo-armor action in the 23rd Century — and check below for CROWDFUNDING NEWS

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Salve, citizen! Today is your last chance to get our Cthulhu Invictus Bundle featuring the Golden Goblin Press setting of Mythos menace in ancient Rome. Get the complete Cthulhu Invictus setting book for Call of Cthulhu VIIth Edition, plus two scenario collections, two fiction anthologies, and a collection of pregenerated Roman investigators, Heroes and Heroines of the Shadow War. Learn about material and spiritual menaces in the Age of the Antonines — read the Arcane Cylinders of Ashurbanipal — fight (or join) the Children of the Dark Venus — and learn more than you want to know, but certainly less than you’ll need, about the Empire’s treatments for insanity. It’s a US$LXXXIII retail value for just about $XIX — but this Cthulhu Invictus offer falls like the Empire tonight. Heed the augurs!



Through Monday, September 21 we revive the March 2018 Jovian Chronicles Bundle featuring the 1997 Second Edition of the Jovian Chronicles SFRPG from Dream Pod 9. In the 23rd Century the Solar System trembles on the brink of war. Earth’s militaristic CEGA forces are ready to recapture the Motherworld’s restive colonies — from the Mercurian Merchant Guild and the zaibatsu corporate states of Venus to the powerful Confederation on the moons of Jupiter. With an exciting, original setting that combines hard science fiction and anime-style action, Jovian Chronicles puts you at the center of the struggle for the Solar Nations.

Jovian Chronicles superficially resembles a standard mecha game. But its vision of a Solar System teeming with life — of O’Neill cylinder colonies, arcologies on terraformed Venus and Mars, and “Trojan State” asteroid settlements in the orbit of Jupiter — is compelling for its scientific authenticity. Sure, pilots wear giant battlesuits out of Gundam and drive giant capital ships a la Macross, but the Solar Nations of the year 2210 appeal to every fan of in-System “solar opera” hard sf.

Originally published in 1992 by IANVS Games as a pair of supplements for R. Talsorian’s Mekton, Jovian Chronicles reappeared in 1997 as a full-fledged game line from Dream Pod 9, publisher of Heavy Gear and Tribe 8. This “White Edition” (named for the cover design) uses the Silhouette Core system seen in Heavy Gear. In 2017 DP9 released Jovian Wars, a fleet-scale tactical miniatures game in the same setting.

This comprehensive bargain-priced revival, featuring the 1997 White Edition of Jovian Chronicles, once again gives you everything you need to climb into your exo-armor suit, board an Alexander-class Destroyer, and set out for interplanetary adventure. Pay just US$14.95 to get all eight titles in this revived offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $56.50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:


And if you pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $24.95 to start, you’ll level up and also get this revival’s entire Bonus Collection with eleven more titles worth an additional $76.50, including the Jovian Chronicles Companion; four more Planet Sourcebooks (Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter); all three Ships of the Fleet volumes (1: Jovian Confederation, 2: Jovian Confederation, and 3: CEGA) cataloguing spacecraft from the Jovian Confederation and Earth’s government, CEGA; the campaign sourcebook The Chaos Principle; the Gamemaster Handbook & Screen; and The Art of Jovian Chronicles Volume 1, a gorgeous full-color 220-page gallery of cover art, characters, exo-armors, vehicles, spacecraft, and more from the entire Chronicles line.

(Note: These .PDFs are image scans of the original 1990s print copies with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) applied. Text is light but readable; the designer credits in some books are blurry.)

Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) goes to this offer’s pandemic-related charity, Direct Relief. Direct Relief gets protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries daily to medical facilities across the US and to regional response agencies across the world.

The Jovian Confederation needs you! Get this revived Jovian Chronicles offer before it vanishes into the outer system Monday, September 21.


Just a few hours left, at this writing, in the Kickstarter campaign for Zzarchov’s Adventure Omnibus Volume 2, a new print-on-demand collection of ten adventures by Zzarchov Kowolski for Neoclassical Geek Revival. (ends Tue, September 1 2020 11:00 AM CDT)

Likewise, just hours remain for Trilemma Adventures: The Servants of Memory (ends Thu, September 10 2020 10:05 AM CDT), a bestiary by Michael Prescott for the Trilemma Adventures Compendium we featured in our Old School Gold offer in July.

Gallant Knight’s Kickstarter campaign for For Coin & Blood Second Edition  (ends Thu, September 10 2020 10:05 AM CDT) has just launched. We presented the first edition in Old School Gold. It’s “a classically-inspired fantasy roleplaying game that takes the direction of playing the scum and villains you normally fight in most fantasy campaigns — assassins, cult leaders, blackguards and more.”

Five Torches Deep: Origins (ends Thu, September 17 2020 12:00 PM CDT) is Ben Dutter’s fourth supplement for Five Torches Deep, the fine Old-School game featured in our November 2019 Indie Cornucopia 7.

Old-School Essentials: Advanced Fantasy (ends Fri, September 11 2020 8:59 AM CDT) is a big expansion for Necrotic Gnome’s Old-School Essentials, presented in last February’s very popular Necrotic Gnome Bundle.


Alice is Missing isn’t crowdfunding — it’s already published — but we want to call out this inventive and suspenseful RPG from Hunters Entertainment (Kids on Bikes in our November 2019 Indie Cornucopia 7). Alice is Missing is a single-session RPG where players communicate only through text messages as they investigate the disappearance of Alice Briarwood, a high-school junior in the small town of Silent Falls.

Learn more at the Bundle of Holding blog, Beyond the Bundle.



The official Beyond the Bundle blog:




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