Cell Phone Service Providers – August 31, 2020

An earlier post was a re-blog of a post by BestMVNO In A Surprise Move, Boost Mobile Raises Price Of iPhone 7 To $49.99 — BestMVNO. A point I made in the re-blog is there are too many options out there for cell phone providers in many places. I have several cell phones myself. One is a TracFone Pay As You Go (PAYGO). I put so many many talk minutes, text, and/or data and it extends how long before I have to use them. My other two phones are with Tello – one is a PAYGO; the other is a prepaid plan. I use the prepaid plan as my home Internet. It’s only 1 GB of LTE, but includes unlimited 2G mobile data once the LTE runs out which is early in the billing cycle. I don’t use my phones to talk much because most of my family and friends rarely call me. I get maybe 2 or 4 phone calls a week from a couple of friends. For family, they pretty much go with cell phones are for posting on Facebook or watching YouTube videos so I rarely talk with them on the phone.

Over the years, I have been with almost every major cell phone companies and many of their MVNOshttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MVNO. I switched when I got a better deal from a competitor, or the cell phone provider raised its rates more than I thought was necessary. I stayed with TracFone‘s PAYGO system the longest. It used to be better, back when they had triple talk minutes/text/data, but it’s still a good deal for as little as I use the phone. I use it a lot on Wi-Fi for accessing data.

I understand in some areas that one’s cell phone service options are limited. I took a trip to Milwaukee back 20 years ago. In rural areas, most of the cell phones in the vehicles didn’t work unless it was an area served by a specific provider. That meant when I needed to get the attention of another vehicle, I had to get their attention the old fashioned way in rural spots.

It’s nice to see a handful of the cell phone providers or their MVNOs offer customer loyalty incentives, but most don’t. I don’t like when TracFone pulled the triple talk/text/data deal, but I have enough of each to last me a while. As long as I go with a deal that lengthens my expiration date for a reasonable price, I will probably stay with them. However, since I can port out the number, that’s not a big factor as when porting out wasn’t an option.

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