Talking Tombstones – August 29, 2020

Saw this recently and debating on making it a Tombstones Tuesday or Weirdness Wednesday post, but decided it was worth sharing today instead of waiting several days. If you type in talking tombstones in your favorite or least favorite search engine, you should get a link to this company – I think the inventor is missing some key items. Interesting, he filed for a patent back in 2004.

First, you would have to update the system as new computers or TVs come out.

Two, you would need to upgrade the basic software as new software becomes available.

Next, you would need new video software as updates or new video software is created.

This makes the QR codes on tombstones that I saw a while back pale in comparison. I have only run across one QR code on a headstone in Wichita. She is buried in a Catholic cemetery.

A better solution would be to have a kiosk in the cemetery, preferably near the office, where you could view a loved one’s final comments or video. You can have a bank of TV or computer monitors so there would be less need to wait. Attaching headphones would make it more private. You could also create a series of rooms in the cemetery office or funeral home where people could view the video. I was at a friend’s mother wake service at a funeral home a few years back. At the back, there was a TV or computer monitor showing video of her life.

Another option would be to do them by cemetery section where you have everyone in Section A available who has paid for the video. The problem is as a cemetery fills up enough, the cemetery starts losing potential revenues and this would be one way for the cemetery to stay profitable. I know in some countries, you only rent your grave for a set period of time or as long as someone keeps paying rent on it.

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