Some New Editor WordPress Quirks – August 28, 2020

When I re-blog, I use the < symbol in the WordPress Reader. In the old editor, not a problem. In the new Editor, about 1/3 to 1/2 the time, it varies based on some arcane formula I haven’t figured out, it doesn’t do a re-blog, it takes me to a new post. I am careful when I do this as I know the difference between hitting Add New Post in my Post section and hitting re-blog in the WordPress Reader. I do not recall this ever happening to me with the old Editor. It’s almost like I need to open the post in a new browser window if on my laptop first to help me remember which post I want to re-blog in the too frequent cases where this happens.

On a slightly different note, as I was trying to do a copy post this afternoon, I wanted a quote block and for some reason, it kept adding it to the bottom of the post even though I was in the section where I wanted the quote block added. This only started happening today. Worse, it would not let me highlight the block I wanted to turn into a quote. and apply the quote block.

On a similar note, I added a new block before making a quote block to the block before the new block and it made them both quote blocks. I couldn’t do anything to make the new block a non-quote block. I tried turning it into a regular paragraph block and it didn’t change it to a paragraph block.

I don’t know if I mentioned this previously, but sometimes when I am the Post section after scheduling a post and hit the back space or the visit posts link, it sends me to the WP-Admin Post section. It happens about 10 – 25% of the time, again like it’s doing a random number generation and I hit the WP-Admin lottery when it takes me there.

In my opinion, they spent way too little beta-testing to work out the kinks, or worse, they created new bugs when fixing known issues. I know they spent a long time rolling it out, but that doesn’t mean they were having people check for bugs. I remember a PC game where it went Gold (this means it’s getting shipped soon) after submitting a final beta team version. However, the company made a minor adjustment after the last beta team version without running it by the beta team. End result: first day patch. Seems the in-house team all used only one of the two major video card companies, or they used older versions of the other major video card system, in their machines. Unfortunately, the minor change created a crash to desktop on the other major video card newer cards.

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