How many “dark and gritty” Batman reboots do we need? — Crazy Uncle Dennis

“[The Batman] seems to offer nothing fundamentally original or interesting, just another ‘dark and gritty’ take on a character and setting whose darkness and grit have been done to death…”

How many “dark and gritty” Batman reboots do we need? — Crazy Uncle Dennis

This post showed up in my WordPress Reader. I think it makes some great points. As a fan of the original Batman series and the Batman comics from the same era, I am not a fan of doing dark remakes of something where you had heroes and turn them into anti-heroes.

It seems to be the trend these days. That and doing a lot more movies than are necessary trying to milk the movie audience for however much you can get from them. I haven’t seen a movie at a theater in several years. In fact, the last few times I went, a friend invited me along and paid for my ticket. When I buy my own tickets, I have a simple rule, I am not paying extra to watch it after the price goes up because I am watching it too late in the day. For most movies, I have no problem waiting until it hits the cheap theaters as by that time, the studio isn’t getting the lion’s share of the ticket sales.

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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    So much posts you have of Batman!

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