Remembering Hurricane Camille 51 Years Later – August 17, 2020

I am re-blogging a post from last year – Remembering Hurricane Camille 50 Years Later – August 17, 2019 (the part in quotes below).

The biggest things I remember about Hurricane Camille were

  1. Some of us came close to dying or getting seriously injured had we not left the room we did when we did. I am glad we left as I was in the room.
  2. We moved to Colorado shortly after the storm hit while Dad worked on fixing the damage to the house caused by Hurricane Camille. The damage wasn’t that serious, but we had no water or electricity for a while.
  3. Didn’t see much of Dad for the next year as he spent a lot of time doing the work on the house and doing other work as he was a self-employed carpenter.

Had we left the room even a short time later the window that was shattered by a tree limb smashing through it, this happened about when the storm was at its most intense. Not sure what would have happened, but we decided to leave the room as a group and closed the door behind us. Less than 30 seconds later, we heard a loud crash as the tree limb went smashing through the window.

This is a post remembering the 50th Anniversary of Hurricane Camille on August 17, 1969. Here are various videos on YouTube, not all are Hurricane Camille related. There were 143 deaths in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama with another 153 deaths in the area around Nelson County, Virginia as Hurricane Camille entered the Atlantic Ocean.

I posted a few other Hurricane Camille related posts, but these two stand out in my mind – Camille Memorial getting face lift for 50th anniversary — Mississippi Business Journal

Ship Island – Mississippi Mondays January 21, 2019

This video was posted July 19, 2019 by the Sun Herald, the local newspaper that now serves Harrison County, Mississippi – Images from 1969 after Hurricane Camille ravaged the Mississippi Coast: (about 7:02 minutes long).

2013 Hurricane Camille memorial (Sun Herald) (around 2:03 minutes long)

Hurricane Camille & the Navy Seabees in 1969 () 2017: (about 19:12 minutes long) Gift shop torn down, Hurricane Camille related.

WLOX Memories – Camille Special Re Edit 1999 (about 8:22 minutes long) Biloxi, Mississippi TV Station


South Alabama TV station, posted June 3, 2019 – Hurricane Camille Exhibit: (about 2:37 minutes long)

Louisiana TV Station – Hurricane Camille 50th Anniversary: Bill Elder and Nash Roberts reflect on the storm’s impact. (around 5:35 minutes long)


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