Why I Chose to Highlight Mountain View Cemetery, Altadena, California – August 13, 2020

I chose Mountain View Cemetery as a Tombstone Tuesdays post back in mid-May Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum, Altadena, California – Tombstone Tuesdays May 19, 2020. I didn’t go into details as to why I chose the cemetery when I chose it. Someone asked a question as to why I chose the cemetery. I have two family connections to the cemetery. A grandfather’s first cousin and wife are buried there. A much more distant cousin and wife are also buried there. The grandfather is descended from a sibling of the more distant cousin. I lost track of how many great grandparents ago the siblings go back.

In an interesting twist, the cousins were also both reverends. There is a Kansas connection, other than me to the first cousin. His son is buried in Fort Scott. I made a road trip back in 2014 – Southeast Kansas Genealogy Road Trip 23 June 2014 in the hopes of finding out more about the two burials in Fort Scott.  Turns out I didn’t find out much as the cemetery only cared about three things –

  1. when they were buried,
  2. where they were buried,
  3. and the fact the grave and burial were paid for.

At the time, I had a newspaper subscription and was able to find a death notice in an area newspaper where the maternal grandparent announced the recent death of her grandson. I recognized the name of the grandmother and knew who her daughter had married. It didn’t say when he died or how old he was, but that led me to be able to know who his parents were.Using the newspaper subscription, I found out his father was a reverend who did tent revivals in Kansas and Missouri. I found an obituary for the father listing Mountain View Cemetery. Obits frequently get the cemetery wrong so I e-mailed the cemetery and the cemetery sent me photos of the headstone, verifying he and his wife were buried there. A few days later, he sent me an updated photo as he felt the photo wasn’t good enough and included the headstone of the distant cousin and wife I didn’t know was buried there.

For the other relative, a friend suggested checking the dates. Using that suggestion, I realized this was a first cousin of my grandfather and uncle of the other burial in the cemetery. He was the brother of the reverend in Mountain View Cemetery. I had him on my tree by his middle name. The burial month/year matched this cousin.

If I go back to the early settlers of this line who arrived in south central Pennsylvania, they spread across the country and I have found people born, married, lived in, and died in almost every state in this country. So far, the only state I haven’t found yet is Alaska and there is a rumor one or more descendants of this line wound up there.

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Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. Live in Wichita, Kansas now. I suffer Bipolar I, ultra-ultra rapid cycling, mixed episodes. Blog on a variety of topics - genealogy, DNA, mental health, among others. Let's collaborateDealspotr.com
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