Update to AncestryDNA communities: Vinnie has views — Anne’s Family History

In 2016 my husband Greg and I, hoping to learn more about our family history, had our DNA analysed by AncestryDNA. All living things are related; you and I are related to bananas, earthworms, and the fish, your cousin, whom you ate for dinner. We share more and longer segments of DNA with our closer […]

via Update to AncestryDNA communities: Vinnie has views — Anne’s Family History.

So far, my AncestryDNA has not been updated with the latest update as it still shows August 2019 as the latest update. I don’t think it will be much longer before mine updates, but I appreciate what others show. I also like the valid points Anne made in her post.

Updated August 13, 2020: I checked my Genetic Communities and they haven’t changed at all in a very long time. That could mean they updated them and didn’t any new communities or they haven’t gotten around to me yet. They tend to go in waves to avoid having an issue with a major update.

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2 Responses to Update to AncestryDNA communities: Vinnie has views — Anne’s Family History

  1. Anne Young says:

    Interestingly the update to Genetic Communities is not recorded by AncestryDNA in the date: My husband’s and parents’ results all state last update August 2019 – that date refers to the ethnicity results which are Calculated separately to genetic communities. It looks as though they did not recently update North American communities according to this undated AncestryDNA help page https://www.ancestry.com/cs/ancestrydna-regions-update Regards Anne

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    • I am not seeing any new Genetic Communities from the last time I checked which has been a while. It’s possible that I don’t belong to any new ones. In the past, they tend to roll out updates in waves to avoid issues that crop up when you have so many people to deal with as Ancestry has.

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