Joyflips: Create Video Slideshows with Your Family and Share Memories – FamilySearch August 11, 2020

I saw this on FamilySearch – Joyflips: Create Video Slideshows with Your Family and Share Memories:

August 11, 2020  – by  Annelie Hansen

The magic of old photos lies in the meaning or even the memories we attach to them. Photos are part of what makes our ancestors’ stories come alive. In old photos, we might spot a resemblance to a relative, or see a different way of life. These photos become especially powerful when they connect us to our family in the present.

FamilySearch has collaborated with a service called Joyflips so you and those close to you can experience the magic and memories of your family photos together. Joyflips provides the tools you need to take the photos you’ve added to FamilySearch Memories and transform them into a video experience. Joyflips accounts are completely free and allow you to make an unlimited number of video slideshows.

How it Works

Once you create a free account with Joyflips, all the photos you’ve added to FamilySearch Memories can be imported into your Joyflips account. From there, you can generate a video slideshow with your photos. In the slideshow, you can select your choice of a soundtrack or do a group call with family members and record audio as you look at the slides. (Click here to try it out!)


Want to do an interview with your mother that also shows all her wedding pictures? Just host a call with her on Joyflips, and have fun as you view and comment on the photos together. The video slideshow will record every minute of your call. That fun family trip you just took? You can host a group call with many family members and record it as everyone comments on each of the memories.

Watch this video to see what one family created using FamilySearch and Joyflips:

Give It a Try

If this sounds fun to you, use the simple steps below to give Joyflips a try.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your email to create a free and unlimited account.
  3. You will be taken to the FamilySearch sign in page to start importing photos from Memories to Joyflips.
  4. Joyflips will send you an email as soon as the import is complete. Follow the link in the email to start sharing stories!

Tip: Have you ever looked through old photos and found you can’t identify who is in the photo or wished you knew more about the story behind it? Fill in the gaps in your Joyflips slideshow by sharing the names of pictured family members and telling the stories you know. Joyflips makes it easy to create a quality, documentarylike journey for your family to share, including the option to post the slideshow on social media.



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