YSEQ.net – DNA Saturdays August 8, 2020

I decided to focus on YSEQ.net – http://yseq.net/ for this week’s DNA Saturdays post. It’s a DNA company in Germany.

They offer the following testing options (as of August 8, 2020):

Haplogroup Panels (77)
Custom Panels (185)
SNPs (156412)
STR Panels-> (9)
STRs (125)
mtDNA Tests-> (34)
NGS Tests-> (5)
Utilities (7)

From their main page:

YSEQ Whole Genome Testing 2.0

  • 15x, 30x, 50x
  • With- and without Sanger confirmation package
  • Raw data download or mailed on a microSD card

Made in Germany* * in cooperation with our NGS sequencing provider CeGaT


Here’s what I usually post in the monthly DNA post – Current August 2020 DNA Companies August 1, 2020:

YSEQ.net https://www.yseq.net/ regular prices as YSEQ rarely does sales although they occasionally make exceptions. Prices range, depending on if you want an individual Y-DNA SNP or various STR ranges, mtDNA (several options) to a 15x read, 30xread, or 50xread full DNA test. 15x read: $599.00; 30x read: $949.00; 50x read: $1,599.00; Other Extras (price is in addition to whatever read you order) add $60 if you want USB drive sent to you (otherwise, you can download your results through a link for no additional cost); Sanger extra Y-DNA results (up to 10 Y-DNA SNPs): $100; you receive 4 cheek swabs and you need to use all four and mail them back to YSEQ. Individual SNPs tend to run $18. YSEQ also offers Y-STR testing, mtDNA, and Haplogroup panels. It’s a good alternative to FTDNA in some ways, but doesn’t offer matching. It is a great way to cheaply verify Y-DNA comparisons between males who should share Y-DNA. For the full DNA test, they’re offering a 23andMe type autosomal raw data option that may be usable on most sites that accept 23andMe transfers. Located in Germany. Cheek swab.

There are some advantages to this company that are much cheaper than most other companies. For example, if I wanted to verify that my brothers share the same deep Y-DNA SNP I share, it’s $36 ($18 x 2 brothers) for me to verify compared to doing a more comprehensive test at another company.

Previous DNA Saturdays posts: https://upsdownsfamilyhistory.wordpress.com/tag/DNA-Saturdays/

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