Tello Notified Me About a Phone Number I Didn’t Realize I Still Had with Them – August 8, 2020

Back when I had RingPlus a number of years ago, I ported out the numbers when RingPlus chose to end cell phone service. Several of them I ported to Tello, including one I forgot about. Today, I received an e-mail saying the phone number would expire if I didn’t upgrade it to a paid plan. As the information included on my Tello account doesn’t include the phone information, other than the IMEI, MSL, and similar information that doesn’t help me know what type of phone it is. I don’t want to lose the phone number as I have had it for over 4 years now and it has gone through several cell phone providers in that time.

The interesting thing is Tello told me I hadn’t spent money on a plan in the last 90 days. In this case, the only money I spent was back in 2017 to get PAYGO (Pay As You Go) credit. I think it’s a phone that died and I don’t want to spend money to replace the phone. I am looking at options that would let me keep the number without costing me a lot of money. Some of the free options that used to be available are no longer around. If I can find a way to transfer the number to a free service, I will keep it. Otherwise, I will let it go. It only has a bit less than $5.00 on the PAYGO balance so the loss would be minimal.

The funny thing is I have another PAYGO number that I used to receive around 8 texts/month, but the last time I received a text on it was November 2018. I sent a text from that phone to see if it was still working and the text went through. That was surprising because in the past, if I didn’t send or receive a text or make a phone call every 60 days, the number was supposed to deactivate. On this number, I have a little over $2.00 PAYGO balance so losing it isn’t that much of a deal.

Back when I had RingPlus, I purchased a number of phones because I could get cheap service that didn’t require me to have a 30-day billing cycle cost.

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