Even more UK parish records now online – FindMyPast Fridays August 7, 2020

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Liam Kelly 7 August 2020


As the home of the largest collection of UK parish records online, we’re excited to bring you even more family-finding resources.

With over 50,000 new Hampshire records and a whole host of newspaper pages hot off the press, here’s what’s new this Findmypast Friday.

We’ve added over 21,000 brand new records from seven Hampshire parishes to this collection.


Baptism records can reveal essential details for your family tree including:

  • Your ancestors’ names
  • Their birth and baptism dates
  • Their parents’ names
  • Their parents’ occupations
  • Where they were baptized

The parishes added in this latest update are:

  • Crondall, All Saints from 1569-1812
  • Ewshott, St Mary from 1886-1912
  • Farnborough, St Peter from 1584-1912
  • Fleet, All Saints from 1863-1912
  • Headley, All Saints from 1540-1795
  • Rowledge, St James from 1871-1912

For full details on the churches and time frames covered by our entire Hampshire Collection, see the comprehensive parish list.

Did two branches of your family unite in Hampshire? Discover the details in over 15,000 new marriage records from 12 parishes. Marriage records can unearth even more details for your family tree including:

  • Your ancestors’ names
  • Their ages and birth years
  • When, where and who they married
  • Where they lived
  • Their fathers’ names and occupations
  • Witness names for both bride and groom


The 12 parishes covered in this new release are:

  • Cove, St John from 1917-1933
  • Crondall, All Saints from 1576-1933
  • Crookham, Christ Church from 1842-1915
  • Ewshott, St Mary from 1890-1933
  • Farnborough, St Peter from 1584-1933
  • Fleet, All Saints from 1863-1933
  • Grayshott, St Luke from 1901-1933
  • Hawley, Holy Trinity from 1839-1915
  • Headley, All Saints from 1912-1933
  • Minley, St Andrew from 1871-1933
  • Rowledge, St James from 1871-1933
  • South Farnborough, St Mark from 1906-1933

If you’ve got Hampshire heritage, you’ll want to delve into exclusive records from one of its largest cities. Alongside these latest additions on Findmypast, you’ll find a range of fascinating Portsmouth records including hospital, police, and workhouse registers.


This week’s update to our Hampshire Collection is rounded-off with nearly 16,000 brand new burial records from 6 county parishes. These records can provide important details on your relatives’ lives and deaths including:

  • Their names
  • Their birth, death and burial dates
  • Their ages when they died
  • Their occupations
  • Where they were buried

Burial records from the following parishes have been added:

  • Crondall, All Saints from 1570-1812
  • Crookham, Christ Church from 1842-1938
  • Farnborough, St Peter from 1584-1945
  • Fleet, All Saints from 1864-1917
  • Headley, All Saints from 1539-1795
  • Rowledge, St James from 1871-1940

All of this week’s new Hampshire records have been published in partnership with Surrey County Council.

This week, we’ve added six brand new papers to our ever-growing archive, along with more pages to two existing titles. The six new additions are:

While the updated titles are:

Have our latest releases helped shape your family’s story? We’d love to hear about your discoveries. Reach out to our thriving community using #FindmypastFeatured on social media.





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