Analysis: Mississippi group aims for simple flag design — Mississippi Business Journal August 3, 2020

Nine commissioners designing a new Mississippi flag have the complicated task of choosing a simple design. Mississippi recently retired the last state flag with the Confederate battle emblem that’s been widely condemned as racist. An expert told commissioners last week that an effective flag is distinctive and easy to recognize from a distance. Clay Moss…

via Analysis: Mississippi group aims for simple flag design — Mississippi Business Journal.

Added a YouTube video that includes a video scroll of the flag designs: (about 5:43 minutes long).

As long as the flag commission doesn’t go with the State Seal Flag which will definitely make it hard to distinguish Missouri and Mississippi’s flags at a distance. I like simple when it comes to flags.

This took a while to find a link to the MDAH photo gallery as the link provided by one news site was limited to registered users of an app. Finally found this on the MDAH Facebook page – It may take a while to download the images. I didn’t expect it to take this long to find a working link, much less get the link to load images. Note: some of the images don’t meet the requirements set forth in the law to replace the state flag.

A point made by some commentators if you have to include the word Mississippi on the flag, you have done something wrong with your design. Granted, if it’s part of the state seal, that’s a separate issue.


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4 Responses to Analysis: Mississippi group aims for simple flag design — Mississippi Business Journal August 3, 2020

  1. GP Cox says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that trying to erase your history changes it. You can only learn from your mistakes if you remember them.

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    • It doesn’t change history, but over time, it changes people’s perception of history. For example, a friend believes the second atomic bomb was not needed. He’s basing this on some video he watched that supported this view. I remember decades ago reading interviews from Japanese politicians that said it was needed. Plus, in my friend’s video, he said the Peace Party in Japan wanted peace. They did, but they weren’t in power at the time so it didn’t matter if they wanted peace. The War Party was in power and they were actively hunting down the Peace Party members and the Emperor once they learned he was going to make a broadcast urging peace.

      That’s the danger of erasing history because future generations aren’t taught the true history of what happened, only the revised history. And most will believe the revised history because they don’t know the true history.

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