Some Other WordPress Quirks – July 30, 2020

I don’t remember if I covered this one previously, but it’s semi-common. When I do a search of my past posts, including draft posts, much, usually most, of the time, it sorts by most recent date or recent draft save date. On occasion, it goes with oldest date or saved draft date first. When that happens,  it stays stuck that way for a while. Short of closing the browser window, it won’t revert back to most recent date. I usually have to close browser windows every few hours to run CCleanerFreeium Cleaner Program – CCleaner. I use Firefox for my primary browser and it tends to become a resource hog that requires me to run CCleaner.

It doesn’t affect when I do a blog link to an earlier post of mine as it always shows most recent date when I do a search to link existing content. I prefer newest date first. I try and narrow down the search parameter, but even with my 12 theme topics, it can be a problem. It’s why I added a link like this one to my theme posts – Past North Carolina Thursdays posts:

Next, when I go to do new posts or re-blogs/shares, starting today, it’s now rearranging where stuff is located. I haven’t changed to the new WordPress format yet. I haven’t checked it on my phones yet, but on my laptop, it’s definitely doing it on a fairly regular basis. It started about 8 hours ago. Again, it’s hit or miss. Here’s a screenshot:

Weird WP Screen Layout

That’s different from the standard layout where the settings are on the right side of my screen.

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