Customer Loyalty – July 30, 2020

Update: I forgot to add another link – I consider this a great example of customer loyalty. I also thought it was nice the company contacted her about the post.

I have talked about the lack of customer loyalty incentives with most companies – Customer Loyalty and What Companies Don’t Get About It, Why Companies Should Care About Customer Loyalty, Verizon Prepaid Introduces Customer Loyalty Discounts, and for a more positive example – The Longer You Stay The More You Save — BestMVNO. As mentioned in the earlier posts, most companies offer better deals to gain new customers and do little to reward customer loyalty.

There are exceptions, but in general, I have a better chance of getting a better deal if I am not an existing customer. I got a great deal from a car insurance company that I was currently an existing customer. This was several years ago. I called my company and they said the deal was only for new customers. They mailed me insurance cards to the same address the promo was sent to. End result, I switched companies shortly thereafter and it was a bit later where my old company sent me a good deal and I took them up on it.

I lost track of how many cell phone companies I have used over the years as each cell phone company tended to have price creep that happened on a fairly regular basis. Plus, another company was willing to offer me a better deal and decent phone, either free or very low cost, by switching.

There are some examples that are worth repeating – BillionGraves BG Plus (BG Plus): As long as you stay subscribed and joined using one of their deals, the price won’t go up. With many companies, once the deal goes away, the price goes back to its regular price. I find the benefits of the BG Plus are worth it. Not having to deal with ads is worth the small price I pay for a yearly subscription. In this case, I waited until it was offering a great deal, one of the best I had seen before subscribing. There are other advantages to BG Plus and I thought the advantages made the price worth subscribing. You don’t have to subscribe to BG Plus to use the website, but in my opinion the benefits outweigh the small cost.

I have a small dice subscription to one of the monthly dice subscription companies. They sent me a notice that prices were going up recently, but said the price would remain the same for the level I had been paying. That was true for existing customers. They were raising the price for new customers or for customers who later upgraded to a higher priced subscription.

I belong to rewards programs where I sometimes eat or shop. In each case, I get rewards for achieving certain levels of spending – depends on the company as to what level and how long the reward is valid.

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4 Responses to Customer Loyalty – July 30, 2020

  1. Thank you for the link back.

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    • You are welcome. I meant to add it when I posted it as it was a great example where they take customer loyalty to heart. When I realized the link wasn’t in the post, I updated the post.

      I appreciate when companies do things for customers to encourage loyalty. If I ever own a company, I would do like my Dad did. He went above and beyond because he wanted to give back to those who couldn’t afford his reasonable prices. That meant at times he would lose money on a job to see people could get the help he could provide.


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