AncestryDNA Follow-up – July 30, 2020

As I mentioned in earlier posts – AncestryDNA Follow-up – July 17, 2020 and What’s Changing At Ancestry DNA? — Hound on the Hunt, changes are coming to AncestryDNA. The removal of 6 – 7 cM matches is set to go live shortly although some changes have been delayed until sometime in September instead of August as originally planned as reported by Roberta Estes (about halfway down the page on my laptop). Today I spent 30+ minutes adding the 6-7 cM matches as the system loaded. However, each time I tried loading all of the matches in this range, it gave me error messages about the system being overloaded. I know I have over 50,000 DNA matches on Ancestry. I was only able to add several hundred in the 6-7 cM range even when I tried to limit it to 6 or 7 cM as opposed to 6-7 cM range. That’s a far cry from the 10,000+ DNA matches that easily fall in this range.

Some tools that were developed by third party groups are no longer available to use as Ancestry did a cease-and-desist order to those who created the tools. These tools would have made it easier to know how many matches fell into the range.

I would contact Ancestry, but they tend to do what they are going to do and ignore what customers want. There have been major genetic genealogists who have asked Ancestry to include a Chromosome Browser and the company made it clear they are not going to add one. That’s why I am not wasting an e-mail to encourage Ancestry to keep the small matches.


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