Forgiving Your Child’s Murderer – Forgiveness Sundays July 26, 2020

I am going to start this week’s Forgiveness Sundays post a bit differently, but with a reason. I am not a fan of “What if” scenarios for one basic reason. It’s pretty easy to say in hypothetical Situation X or Y, you would react using Response 1 or Response 2. In reality, how you or I react would depend on the specific circumstance and our emotional state at the time that a situation goes from the hypothetical to actually occurring. I have seen it too many times, both in my own life and the lives of other people where if you gave them the hypothetical Situation X, they would give you a Response 1, but when the situation happens, they go with a completely opposite response. The closest I have come to losing a family member to murder was when a hit and run driver killed my niece almost two decades ago. The driver was never caught. I pray for that driver’s soul. I don’t pray they turn themselves in as their soul is more important than whatever justice they will receive here.

On to the situation of forgiving your child’s murderer with another aside. I started Forgiveness Sundays topic because a couple lost their son to a murderer. Unlike this father who lost his daughter and forgave her killer, the couple holds bitterness towards the killer. It’s interesting when the murder happened, the father wanted revenge against him initially. But as things came out, the father forgave her killer. It’s an emotional article and you can read the article in the link below.

Here’s the story on NPR: (audio link included):

Father Finds Peace in Forgiveness



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3 Responses to Forgiving Your Child’s Murderer – Forgiveness Sundays July 26, 2020

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow this is not easy for any parents to do in the flesh…all I can say is wow

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