GEDmatch Is Back Up Now – July 25, 2020 DNA Saturdays

When I checked GEDmatch – this afternoon, it was back up. Like several others who caution against using GEDmatch, I also caution against using GEDmatch. The latest security breach – GEDmatch Breach Update – July 20, 2020 doesn’t inspire much confidence in me. I removed any DNA kits I uploaded to GEDmatch after they allowed law enforcement access a while back. Considering the security breach turned all kits to be viewable by law enforcement no matter what the setting users had set, I don’t consider reassurances that no kits were downloaded to be meaningful as the information was readily available without being downloaded.

The bad thing is too many law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges don’t know enough about DNA and many judges have no problem signing off on broad warrants based on this lack of knowledge about DNA. It may not sound like a big deal, but I have seen too many prosecutors and law enforcement who were so sure that a person was guilty, that it’s too easy to arrange DNA samples collected from the trash to be used to convict innocent people. I know many prosecutors and law enforcement who would normally work within the law, but they get it in their minds that a suspect is guilty and they cross the line into breaking the law to convict them.

I remember a case in Wichita where the lead detective got upset a jury didn’t convict someone and he made the statement that they picked the wrong jury. In this case, it wasn’t a DNA case, but the evidence was so weak I believe they picked the right jury. When 10 of 12 jurors polled before the first ballot thought the man was innocent, then law enforcement and the prosecutors should have made a stronger case. Unfortunately, they didn’t. From the evidence I saw, the man wasn’t guilty of murder. I don’t know if he did it, but the evidence presented at trial didn’t sway 5/6 of the jurors.

End result – a killer got away with murder back then, but I don’t think it was the defendant on trial who killed the three people. It was someone else. At some point, the murderer(s) will get justice.

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