Australian Records Online to find your ancestors – The Genealogist July 24, 2020

I saw this on The Genealogist today – Australian Records Online to find your ancestors Find out more about your Australian cousins and their lives down under: Long article so only included a snippet so people could get a feel for the rest. If you have relatives who moved to Australia, voluntarily or involuntarily, it’s worth checking out.

Many researchers will find ancestors that in Colonial times were intrepid travellers who set out from the U.K. to make a new life for themselves in far away parts of the British Empire. Some were forced to leave Britain by order of a court having been sentenced to be transported to the penal colonies in Australia. Most of these people usually stayed on in Australia, once their sentences were over, to begin a new life down under as there was no paid return trip to England after they received a pardon. Other ancestors saw opportunity and went out to the colonies of their own volition to seek out their fortune.


TheGenealogist has recently added to its Australian records with several new resources which can aid the researcher to find ancestors from a diverse range of historic books and directories. For example, if you were looking for a past member of your family who lived in Tasmania then Walch’s Tasmanian Almanac 1889 may be a resource to consider as it lists people in various occupations ranging from Medical Practitioners, Chemists, Dentists, Teachers, Members of the Municipality, Lawyers, Magistrates, Clergy of various denominations, Secretaries of societies, and includes advertisements for traders and hoteliers. The almanac also gives the researcher the name of Masters and Owners of ships in the ports of Hobart and Launceston. The list of Legal Practitioners, including those who were absent at the time, were also listed in this book and could alert you to a lawyer who was taking a sabbatical back in the U.K. at this time.




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