Lumbee Indian Museum / Indian Museum of the Carolinas, Laurinburg – North Carolina Thursdays July 16, 2020

For this week’s North Carolina Thursdays post, I decided to look around Laurinburg (my county map JPEG I downloaded a while back labelled it Launnburg, North Carolina). It’s in Scotland County.There were a few places that sounded promising. I chose Lumbee Indian Museum; it’s also called the Indian Museum of the Carolinas on some sites. Here’s the link to the Lumbee Tribe website: I thought the museum was a good choice for this week’s North Carolina Thursdays post. The museum may have some limitations due to COVID-19 pandemic. Call before scheduling a visit to see what the limitations are. The museum is across the street from, and part of the Rural Heritage Center.

Official Website:


13040 X Way Rd
Laurinburg, NC 28352

Local 910-277-2456


Tours are available weekends from 10a.m. to noon and 1p.m. to 4p.m. and by appointment on other days.

Admission: Not see an admission price.



Atlas Obscura: No listing located

Facebook: (unofficial Facebook page)

Flickr: (bunch of non-related items with a few related items)


Gluseum: (across the street from the museum)

Google Maps:  Google Maps Laurinburg, North Carolina (Street View available)

HMDB: No listing located

Hometown Locator:,z,28352,p,john%20blue%20house%20and%20heritage%20center,i,840dnpmw-140385100ed74847bc87e3eaf2538ebe.cfm




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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Another neat museum!

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