Helix – DNA Saturdays July 4, 2020

Helix had great promise as a DNA testing company when it started out. At one point, it offered dozens of DNA tests from numerous partner companies. Its one major drawback in my opinion was not going the genealogical DNA route that AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, and other DNA companies went. There were at least two ways they could have achieved this –

  • Creating its own database
  • Partnering with an existing database. For example, FindMyPastDNA partners with LivingDNA, using LivingDNA kits to create the genealogical matches.

For the three free tests below, you probably need to have a kit already processed. Here are the tests it currently offers.



Helix Ancestry – Free
Women’s Wellness – Free
Helix Wellness – Free
MyTraits Sport for iOS – $144.99
GoalGetter – $190.00
Heart Start – $239.00
Diet GENius – $144.99


GenePrism: Actionable Insights – $299.99
Prostrate Cancer Genetic Risk Score – $199.99
CarrierCheck – $249.99*

There are additional tests you can order on the Sema4 website: https://sema4genomics.com/products/

Here are some of the companies they used to partner with; haven’t check all of them to see what they currently offer in terms of DNA testing – some do, some don’t:

Admera Health

ADx Healthcare

Arivale (site’s still active, but no longer offering DNA services)


Carmichael Training Systems

Dot One

EverlyWell has tests available on its website: https://www.everlywell.com/products/#genomics-test-index

Exploragen (mentions Helix, but not seeing their products on Helix)

HumanCode (purchased by Helix)



Lose It!

MyVytalics (not sure if website is active)

National Geographic (Nat Geo)

Vinome – As of January 1, 2020 Vinome is taking a break.
All Helix customers will continue to have access to other applications that were purchased on the Helix marketplace, but Vinome results will not be accessable.
We want to thank all of our customers who took the journey into wine, guided by their DNA.

I was surprised at how many tests they no longer offer. The advantage is they do one test and if you order new tests, they look at the results from the original test and provide the information from it. I ordered a number of tests from them over the years. Some are no longer available, but I liked what I saw.


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