Please Be Safe If You Are Around Fireworks This Week-end – July 3, 2020

When I was growing up, my parents taught us how to handle fireworks safely. That seems to be a dying skill these days as too many parents don’t teach their children how to safely handle fireworks, or the children don’t listen. Even if you don’t shot fireworks, you can be collateral damage from a child or adult who is shooting fireworks. Had a similar case where I was collateral damage from a neighborhood dart war a few years before the E. R. visit I mention below. I wasn’t participating in the dart way, but wrong place, wrong time. I only got a dart in my lower leg which didn’t require stitches.

Also, obey the laws for your area. In Kansas, you are supposed to shoot them where you buy them if you buy local. Wichita has a ban on most fireworks – (PDF) – note parents can be held accountable for what their children do; likewise property owners can be held acccountable if someone sets off fireworks on their property. Sedgwick County has its own rules and most towns in the county have their own rules.

In the City of Wichita, you can buy fireworks from 10 a.m. to midnight from June 27 to July 5. The city says the only fireworks you’re allowed to shoot within city limits are those tested and approved by the Wichita Fire Department.

Restrictions in Wichita include no sparks higher than six feet and no fireworks advertised to shoot flaming balls.

My neighborhood was full of people shooting off fireworks although it’s died down about a bit from years past. In about a mile radius of where I live and walk/bike, I see so many impressive fireworks displays. In its own way, the area outdoes the city of Wichita‘s public display of fireworks. I can see very large displays of illegal fireworks exploding in the air between when fireworks can be sold that make the city’s efforts pale in comparison. It tends to be families or neighborhoods doing it.

I only had one Emergency Room (E.R.) visit on July 4th and it was not fireworks-related. I was diving on a very short pier, maybe 2 or 3 feet tall. I landed on another child’s head. He was fine, but I hit him at just the right angle where my right eyebrow split wide open. Because parents were better at teaching fireworks safety back then and most children actually listened to their parents, when we arrived at the E. R., they didn’t have a surgeon on call. It took four hours for them to find one willing to come in and stitch me up. Thankfully, the bleeding had stopped shortly after the injury happen.




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