The Art Of Pronouncing Book Character Names — Morgana´s Book Box

Book character names– You just gotta love them. Even the ones you´re not sure how to pronounce. As avid readers we´re often confronted with characters who have standard names. Whether they´re gender-specific names or gender-neutral… a reader has a good chance at pronouncing a book character´s name correctly. I mean, it´s hard to verbally butcher […]

via The Art Of Pronouncing Book Character Names — Morgana´s Book Box.

My suggestion is have a pronunciation guide somewhere available. A good example is Tania – there are at least two ways to pronounce the name. Which way depends on where the person choosing the name was from. I have a relative and a friend named Tania. One pronounces it with an o sound; the other pronounces it with an a sound. Both are from the South. The difference. The father of one of them was from the North. In his part of the country, it’s pronounced with an o sound.

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