U.S. Copyright Office Creates New Registration Process for Online Authors — Plagiarism Today

On June 22, the U.S. Copyright Office announced that it is creating a brand new registration process, this one aimed to help writers online that regular shorter-form content, such as blog posts, news articles and other short literary content. This is a solution to a problem that was actually created by the U.S. Copyright Office…

via U.S. Copyright Office Creates New Registration Process for Online Authors — Plagiarism Today.

To register all of my blog posts would run me easily about $5,500 compared to the old way which would have cost me over $200,000. I could most likely save a fair amount of the cost by not including re-blogs and I am not sure how it would work with video re-blogs, best to not include those which would save me even more money. I suspect it would take me weeks to register the ones that I felt were safe to register.


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2 Responses to U.S. Copyright Office Creates New Registration Process for Online Authors — Plagiarism Today

  1. allenrizzi says:

    I am proud to say that I helped re-write the 1979 copyright laws as they applied to music. However I still feel that even Mozart’s music should earn royalties to be paid to descendants or put into a royalty pool. The idea of “public domain” is preposterous!


    • The goal of copyright is to reward the creator, not their descendants. The point of time limiting is to avoid stifling creativity. After all, if you made it permanent, then you are no longer rewarding the creator, but people who had nothing to do with the creation.

      Plus, it stifles creativity as you would reach the point where everything has been created that can be created and nothing new would be created.

      Look back 14 years ago. Out of the hundreds of thousands of items copyrighted, how many are still making royalties today? Very few. Go back 28 years ago and even fewer are still paying royalties today.

      Under the Constitution, the Founding Fathers realized this. That’s why they made it time limited. They would be appalled with the Life + 70 nonsense of copyright today.

      Worse, Congress ignored the Constitution with so many copyright laws, and worse, the Supreme Court upheld these unconstitutional laws. The Constitution makes it clear certain laws are unconstitutional yet Congress and the Supreme Court allow these laws to be passed. Both groups should be glad the Founding Fathers can’t come back as ghosts.

      Royalty pool – payable to who? In terms of paying descendants – the amount of descendants after several hundred years would cost more to pay out than what each descendant would get.

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