Medieval Killer Rabbits – Weirdness Wednesdays June 24, 2020

At times, Weirdness Wednesdays topics show up as I am searching for weirdness – be it in a least favorite search engine, WordPress, YouTube, or other video channel. Saw this today about medieval killer rabbits. I hadn’t thought much of the “vorpal bunny” – in a Monty Python movie Monty Python and The Holy Grail as being something that was common to medieval writings until I was digging around today and saw medieval killer rabbits was a theme.  I have studied medieval writings and hadn’t noticed the killer rabbit theme although this was in high school and college where killer rabbits were unlikely to be mentioned in classes.

Choose your favorite or least favorite search engine and type in medieval killer rabbits for numerous examples of these cute, cuddly killing machines. In an interesting twist, “vorpal bunnies” made it into various Role-Playing Games (RPGs), including some online RPGs.

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