Dad Taught Me to Do the Best I Can Do – June 24, 2020

As I mentioned, I am not perfect. I have been accused of being a perfectionist. I do my best to strive for as close to perfection as I can achieve. Dad was a self-employed carpenter. One thing he taught me was to do the best I can do no matter what the job. I have held a job where I was custodial staff. In that job, I strove to be the best custodial person I could be. Let’s just say those jobs are often thankless.

I remember in one of my business management classes the textbook included a case of where a professor included as a final test question to name the janitor that worked in the building. Some considered it an unfair question, but the professor made the point, those individuals can help your career. The question was only worth one point so it’s unlikely you would fail if you missed it. After all, if you don’t learn the names of those people and treat them with dignity, a future employer may count that against you. I try and treat all people, regardless of position in a company equally.

When I worked at a bank, my boss reported to one of the bank’s Vice Presidents. I rode the bus to work and was surprised to see him riding the same bus. We got to know each other more because of the bus rides. I don’t know if he still works at the bank, but he would be a good character reference if he does. It was 30 years ago and the bank has been acquired several times in those years. He wis as also old enough he maybe retired now.



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