Is Coronavirus going down, or spiking where you live? — susiesopinions

Here in Florida we are spiking, and to me it looks like all age groups are affected. At the gym we were asked to wear masks. Hubby and I always do. There were some people saying that they will not wear one. We shall see how that turns out. In supermarkets, restaurants, and the mall […]

via Is Coronavirus going down, or spiking where you live? — susiesopinions.

In my area, it’s spiking last time I looked. The County Commissioners made the unwise decision to completely open up the county weeks ago. They didn’t bother to encourage social distancing and ignored the County Health official who recommended keeping some things in place.

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  1. Here because of the mess the government has made of testing we just don’t know. It looks like we are getting localised outbreaks

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    • There are places in the U. S. where things are getting better, but those tend to be areas where social distancing is being used by most people. Most of Kansas is doing well, but it’s a fairly rural state for the most part except places like Wichita, Topeka, Kansas City, and a few other large cities. There are plenty of small towns where people follow common sense things and watch out for each other.


  2. SLIMJIM says:

    How was the virus situation this week for you all

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