Big Y-700 Final Update – June 19, 2020

As I mentioned yesterday – Update on Big Y FamilyTree DNA – June 18, 2020, I wasn’t expecting a fast resolution to my Big Y-700 update. When I checked this morning the Order History, it showed completed June 18, 2020. Out of 838 Y-STRs, it shows results for all but 87 of them. That’s a fairly high rate of success. As the Big Y-700 doesn’t check all of the Y-DNA STRs and SNPs, it looks at a fair number of the markers. I can’t find the article that showed how much of the Y-DNA Big Y (this was Big Y-500) looks at, but it looks at what’s considered a large portion of the reliable readable Y-DNA. There are several other companies that offer deep Y-DNA testing. Prices can vary significantly between the companies depending on which type of testing they offer.

For example, if I want the raw data, that’s around 800 MB download which is somewhat smaller than the Big Y-500 file which I think was over 100 MB larger. At some point, I will download the file and see if I can find someone to compare the two files.

My Y-DNA haplogroup stayed the same as it was with the Big Y-500. If I get the money to test my brothers and my oldest brother’s sons with Big Y-700, I would offer them the chance to see how we compare.  It would be interesting to see how they compare. I expect there would be some minor variations at this level of deep Y-DNA testing.






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