Update on Big Y FamilyTree DNA – June 18, 2020

This is getting more curious as time drags on. I mentioned a new test showing a few days ago – FamilyTree DNA Results Update – June 15, 2020. I am checking daily as I am bored and noticed yet a new development. The Big Y-500 second test is the same batch number as the first Big Y-500 test. No expected completion date for it. Looks like my results are ready, but are temporarily hung up – see e-mail response below. I am impressed that my Big Y-700 results were completed a lot faster than expected even if I can’t temporarily access them. Glad I checked my e-mail this afternoon before posting about it. I e-mailed FTDNA about the new issue in case it’s something that’s not supposed to happen.

I missed this e-mail response from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) dated June 16, 2020:

It took some digging but I’m glad you contacted me so quickly about this so I’m aware in case someone else has this issue.

Your results from your upgrade are complete but a whole batch is stuck in the system. The results from the Big Y 500 are pulled down right before the upload of the Y-700 and there’s typically only a very small window of time that they’re down before the upgrade goes up. In this case, they got stuck in the middle of that process. The team is working on this as we speak as of course it’s a high priority.

I will keep you posted, but you may find out your results are up before I’m able to get back to you. No ETA, unfortunately, but hopefully within the next few days.

Here’s the new item that showed up. I bolded it as it’s not bolded when I check the Order History for pending results. On the plus side, my Y-DNA haplogroup is back to J1-BY-78 from the temporary J1-ZS227 it was reassigned for a few days.

Awaiting Lab Results

Awaiting Tests
Tests Lab Procedure Batch Expected Notes
Big Y-500 HiYNGS ZZZ 01/29/2014 – 02/12/2014
Big Y-500 Y500 ZZZ
Big Y-700 Y700 ZZZZ 07/06/2020 – 07/20/2020


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