My Own Unknown Great-Grandfather – June 17, 2020

After seeing this post –; original post –, it got me to thinking of a missing great-grandfather of mine. He was my father’s maternal grandfather. I have a Bastardy Bond issued in North Carolina while Great-Grandmother Holland Twiford was pregnant with my grandmother, Allene Twiford. I can’t find the Bastardy Bond as I think it was on I thought I had saved it to my tree on Ancestry, but not seeing it there. Dean Hassell – was the name of the father listed on the bond.

This was around 1911, back before DNA was an option. They weren’t married and I believe he didn’t admit to being the father of the unborn child. If that’s not bad enough, he later married a cousin of Great-Grandmother Holland, Lula Twiford – I believe they had children, but since Lula was related to my great-grandmother, I don’t think DNA would necessarily help me out in this case. In theory, if I got matches on both sides of a descendant of Dean and Lula, I may be able to use that to infer he was my great-grandfather. However, East Lake, North Carolina was a fairly small and isolated community so endogamy – was a big issue. In addition, the parents and possibly grandparents of the descendant could mean the matching on both sides was from one of the spouses.

Ideally, I would need a ton of money and a good connection to a judge in the area to dig up my grandmother, her mother, and Dean to extract DNA from all of them. From estimates, it would probably run $60,000 minimum just to dig them up and rebury them, not counting the DNA extraction which would be several thousand dollars more/person. The above relies on the theory that Dean was my great-grandfather. If he wasn’t my great-grandfather, then the money spent on him would help out his relatives without helping out me. Other than to verify he wasn’t my great-grandfather. Getting DNA from corpses can be hit or miss based on what I have read. Not to mention getting judges to agree to exhuming three in two different counties for DNA purposes may not be easy on its own.




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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Thanks for sharing your story; 60 K is too much, no one has that amount of money lying around. I did learn from your post the word Endogamy

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