Military Service Unit Birthdays June 2020

There are quite a few military service units birthdays this month.

For the U. S. Army, it was founded on June 14, 1775 (245th Birthday), when the Continental Congress authorized enlistment of riflemen to serve the United Colonies for one year. For more on the history of the U.S. Army birthday, click here: the Army birthday

it was formed June 14, 1775 (245th Birthday).

Here’s the link for the Army units:

Coast Guard Auxiliary/Reserve June 23, 1939 (81 years in 2020) –

Green Berets (Special Forces Airborne) – June 19, 1952 (68 years in 2020) – different dates on when it formed.

Army Military Unit Birthdays (Signal Corps and other units)


Infantry, June 14, 1775

Ten companies of riflemen were authorized by a resolution of the Continental Congress on June 14, 1775 (245th Birthday). However, the oldest Regular Army infantry regiment, the 3d, was constituted on June 3, 1784, as the First American Regiment.

Adjutant General’s Corps, June 16, 1775

The post of Adjutant General was established June 16, 1775 (245th Birthday), and has been continuously in operation since that time. The Adjutant General’s Department, by that name, was established by the act of March 3, 1813, and was redesignated the Adjutant General’s Corps in 1950.

Corps of Engineers, June 16, 1775

Continental Congress authority for a “Chief Engineer for the Army” dates from June 16, 1775 (245th Birthday). A corps of Engineers for the United States was authorized by the Congress on March 11, 1779. The Corps of Engineers as it is known today came into being on March 16, 1802, when the President was authorized to “organize and establish a Corps of Engineers … that the said Corps … shall be stationed at West Point in the State of New York and shall constitute a Military Academy.” mA Corps of Topographical Engineers, authorized on July 4, 1838, was merged with the Corps of Engineers on March 1863.

Finance Corps, June 16, 1775

The Finance Corps is the successor to the old Pay Department, which was created in June 1775 (245th Birthday). The Finance Department was created by law on July 1, 1920. It became the Finance Corps in 1950.

Quartermaster Corps, June 16, 1775

The Quartermaster Corps, originally designated the Quartermaster Department, was established on June 16, 1775 (245th Birthday). While numerous additions, deletions, and changes of function have occurred, its basic supply and service support functions have continued in existence.

Signal Corps, June 21, 1860

The Signal Corps was authorized as a separate branch of the Army by act of Congress on March 3, 1863. However, the Signal Corps dates its existence from June 21, 1860 (160th Birthday), when Congress authorized the appointment of one signal officer in the Army, and a War Department order carried the following assignment: “Signal Department–Assistant Surgeon Albert J. Myer to be Signal Officer, with the rank of Major, June 27, 1860, to fill an original vacancy.”

Chemical Corps, June 28, 1918

The Chemical Warfare Service was established on June 28, 1918 (102nd Birthday), combining activities that until then had been dispersed among five separate agencies of Government. It was made a permanent branch of the Regular Army by the National Defense Act of 1920. In 1945, it was redesignated the Chemical Corps.




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