75 Years After 2-Year-Old and Mother Separated at Auschwitz, Their Families Find Each Other – MyHeritage June 7, 2020

I saw this on MyHeritage – 75 Years After 2-Year-Old and Mother Separated at Auschwitz, Their Families Find Each Other: https://blog.myheritage.com/2020/06/75-years-after-2-year-old-and-mother-separated-at-auschwitz-their-families-find-each-other-thanks-to-myheritage/.

 by Esther June 7, 2020 User Stories

When Clare Reay’s son bought her a MyHeritage DNA test, she hoped to discover a little about her mother’s ethnic background.

She never imagined that the test would lead her to solve the mystery of her mother’s origins and find the sisters who had been searching for her for more than 50 years.

Watch their moving virtual reunion on this segment of the TODAY Show from this past weekend:

Clare’s mother Evelyn always believed she had been born and orphaned in a concentration camp in 1945. She was told she was found there after liberation and sent to an orphanage in Israel, where she was adopted by a Belgian couple and eventually moved to England. With no knowledge of her original name or date of birth, all Evelyn’s attempts to learn more about where she came from had come up dry.


Then, one DNA Match on MyHeritage came along and changed everything.

‘How do you find somebody who doesn’t know her name?’

Sisters Dena Morris and Jean Gearhart of Ohio, U.S.A., were adults when their mother, Dora, revealed to them that they had an older sister who disappeared at Auschwitz. She told them that she had arrived at the concentration camp with her two-year-old daughter Eva. Dora was separated from Eva upon arrival, never to see her again.


An unexpected DNA Match

Around a year ago, Jean suggested taking DNA tests to discover a little more about their origins. Dena agreed, and they each took a MyHeritage DNA test.

Then, about a month ago, they received an email notification about a DNA Match: Clare, the daughter of their long-lost sister.

“I was floored by the DNA result,” says Dena. “I called my sister and I said to her, ‘Did you get something from MyHeritage about some DNA results?’”

It turned out that little Eva had somehow survived and was rescued. She went by the name Evelyn and lived the rest of her life believing her mother was dead.

“We never ever ever thought we would get a DNA Match,” says Clare. “Not for one second did we think we would get the match that we got. We were simply blown away.”




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