How can I transfer the DNA manager rights of my MyHeritage DNA kit to someone else?

This is more a reminder to myself as I gave the two MyHeritageDNA kits to my friend. I tried to set them using an unpaid MyHeritage account, but they do the free trial thing where you have to add a credit/debit card or PayPal option. I don’t have that information and don’t want that information.Here are the FAQs listed on MyHeritage for changing DNA manager rights – How can I transfer the DNA manager rights of my MyHeritage DNA kit to someone else?: How can I transfer the DNA manager rights of my MyHeritage DNA kit to someone else?.

DNA results can be accessed by the person who uploaded the DNA data to MyHeritage and/or the person managing a MyHeritage DNA kit (the person who activated the kit).
If the kit has been assigned to a site member or the DNA data uploaded to his/her person’s card in the DNA managers’ tree, the site member can also see his/her DNA results.
DNA privacy settings can only be accessed by the DNA manager.
If you are the manager of a MyHeritage DNA kit and would like to give your manager rights to someone else (for example, to the person whose DNA was tested with that kit), please contact our support team with the following information:
– The DNA kit serial number (starting with MH-XXXXXX)
Your account ID (make sure it’s the account from which you manage the DNA kit)
– The account ID or registered email address of the person who is becoming the DNA kit manager
Upon receiving your request, we might ask you for the approval of the parties involved (the person who took the test, the current DNA manager, and the new DNA manager).
Important notes: 
1. Only MyHeritage DNA kits can be transferred. If you have uploaded a DNA file from another provider to MyHeritage and would like to transfer it to a different DNA manager, first delete the DNA file, then the new DNA manager can upload it to her/his MyHeritage account. How can I upload a DNA file to MyHeritage?
2. Transferring the DNA manager rights is not applicable in cases where DNA results are attributed to the wrong person, or when a DNA kit was activated for the wrong person. To assign a DNA kit to the right individual, please find instructions in the following article: How do I assign a DNA kit to someone else?


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