Things Dad Taught Me – Forgiveness Sundays June 7, 2020

Slightly different take on forgiveness this week, but to me it makes sense to choose this post as a Forgiveness Sundays post.

Things Dad taught me about respect. This is a two-prong approach. I mentioned Dad a few times on my blog. In most ways, he was someone who led by example more than a person who talked. For treating others with respect, this was not only treating older people with respect, but treating all people with respect.

By older people, I am talking people who were only slightly older than me as well as those much older than Dad. It didn’t matter if the person was white, black, Asian, Native American/First Nations, etc. This was about how we treated other people as we are held accountable for our actions. It didn’t matter if they didn’t respect us as they are held accountable fir their actions.

For bosses, it didn’t matter if the boss was younger than me. I was supposed to treat him or her with the respect due their position. It wouldn’t matter if the boss didn’t show me the same level of respect.

In both cases, it seems like this isn’t being taught by parents today. I have ex bosses I could count on to help me out today because I followed the standard set by Dad.

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